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Thank you for visiting our web site. my name is Keiji, owner of ZipanG and let me introduce our store to you.

Our History
I opened this store in 2004 as a franchise of Ichiban Kan (HQ in San Francisco). After a couple of years of operations, I realized so many different needs from San Francisco store, so I decided to import merchandise by ourself to meet our local customer's needs.

After years, our merchandise become a lot different from San Francisco's. Besides that, we started El Cerrito Store exclusive service, point card system. Under these conditions, the owner of Ichiban Kan and I agreed to separate El Cerrito store from Ichiban Kan. Thus, we become an Independent store.

In 2013, we have changed the store name into ZipanG which is considered as a legendary name of ancient Japan.

About "ZipanG". What does "ZipnaG" mean
When a famous Marco Polo traveled to China in 13th Century (Yuan Dynasty), he heard about a county located in the east of China. An old Chinese word means "Japan" was delivered verbally by Marco Polo to Europe. Later year, he told his experience to a writer, Rustichello da Pisa, and Rustichello published a book, La Description du Monde (book about the world) in old french. This book introduced Europeans to Oriental World for the first time. In this book, Japan was described as a "county of gold, Chipangu." That inspired many speculators including a famous Christopher Columbus.

I modified it to the word "Chipangu" into "Zipang" for better fit in American spelling and pronunciation. We hope you will be able to find many treasures here, and we try to make this store somewhere you always want to come!

Our Merchandise
I'm very proud of the variety and quality of our merchandise. We are carefully selecting and keep eyes on them.

Over 95% of ceramic and plastic table ware, plastic containers, plastic basket, hair care, skin care products, and foods are made in JAPAN. We are trying to introduce Japanese culture and life with selling these items.

Also, we check every single item's quality. If something isn't good enough, we stop selling that item. We are exploring and trying something new with,Japanese spirits. With a closer look, you will find many, many "Un-useless" items at ZipanG!

Here are some main categories:

Art, Gifts:
Origami Paper, Origami Paper Box, Calligraphy; Brushes, Paper, Mat, Ink, Weight, Play Dough, Sculpture Knives, Water Color, Brushes, Sketch Books, Music Notebook,
Office Supplies:
Ball Point Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Markers, Mechanical Pencils, Rulers, Notebook and paper products, smart phones tablets accessories, Pins, Clips, Binder, Document Cases, Card holder, purses, etc.
Kitchen & Dining:
Ceramic Tableware, Plastic table ware, Plastic Container, Bento Box, Chop Sticks, Utensils, Cooking Tools,
Health, Beauty:
Hair care, Skin are, and Oral care products, Bath salts, Sanitary supplies, Hair dye, Incense, Candles, Massage and relaxation products.
Garden, Tools:
Gardening tools, Carpentry tools, Room slippers, Tabi Socks, Toe Socks, House care products, Cars, Bicycle accessories,
Snacks & Foods:
Cookies, Chocolate, Candies, Gum, Rice crackers, Manjyu, Mochi, Bread, Tea cakes, and other snacks.
Rice, Seasonings, Noodles, Cooking oil, Nori, Curry mix, Okonomiyaki needs, Takoyaki needs..

Store Owner: Keiji Ohshita
email: admin@zipang.us
Voice: (510)528-5210
Fax: (510)528-3910

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