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Ashiyu and Lady's Ashiyu (10/31/2016)

Ashiyu "Ashiyu Foot Bath" has been very popular especially among Asian people. The idea is very simple. Warming up your feet is relaxing and works for better blood circulation. In Japan, as people think "feet is the second heart," warming up feet pumps up blood and warm up entire body.
Things to prepare;
Ashiyu, 2 GL of 107 F (42 C) warm water, chair, Towel.
(optional) Aroma oil or bath salt, book, music
Put warm water to the indicated "Water Level" line in Ashiyu.
Sit down on chair and soak your feet for 10 ~ 15 minutes. When you start feeling entire body warm, it's time to end.

Size Comparison:
Ashiyu and Lady's Ashiyu Comparison Lady's Ashiyu is a little smaller than regular size to save some water and budget, but works the same way. This green ruler in the middle is 12 inches (A Foot) long for your reference.

If you have any health problems, consult your doctor prior to use Ashiyu.
Do not use HOT water.
Do not stand up in Ashiyu
Do not sleep while you are taking Ashiyu. This is NOT a medical device.

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