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ZipanG is a select shop of Japanese variety goods and snacks.
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Best Variety Store in El Cerrito, 2016
We have been recognized as
in 2014, 2015, AND 2016!

New Items (11/21/2016)
Pocky Trinity New items from Pocky. Trinity Almond and Orange Peel flavor. Enjoy and share these premium type Pocky with your friends! .
Featured Item (11/8/2016)
Shikkari Pack One of our best and long selling series are Shikkari-Pack "tight seal container." We carry all teh models to meet your needs. BPA FREE. See more.
Sankosen J-Hankerchief Featured Item (11/3/2016)
Great gift item, Sankosen brand Japanese handkerchief large size (20 inches square). All made in Japan, sophisticated and exotic one and only design.
Ashiyu On Sale! (10/31/2016)
Lady's Ashiyu is a little smaller than regular "Ashiyu Foot Bath" to save some water and budget.
Ashiyu is very popular especially among Asian people. The idea is very simple. Warming up your feet is relaxing and works for better blood circulation. Read more...
Ninben Atsukezuri New Item (10/27/2016)
"Atsukezuri Katsuobushi" (Thick sliced dried bonito) for Japanese Style Soup Stock from Ninben brand. Stronger and richer flavor than thin flake. You can eat as it is. Your kitten may like it, too.
Refer "Dashi" Japanese Soup Stock basics for more details.
Koshihikari Rice Featured (10/24/2016)
It's time to enjoy 2016 New Crop rice. Our 1st choice is Koshihikari (Wismettac Brand), and it's on SALE! Very nice flavor,and crystal clear look when it's cooked. I also posted tips how to cook rice. read more...
New Items 2016 10/20 New items (10/21/2016)
Winter season limited, MELTY BLEND chocolate from Meiji Brand. This year's flovor is Blueberry and Matcha Green Tea. This couple of years, Matcha green tea flavor has become very popular in US. These chocolate will be melt in your mouth very smoothly.
New Items 2016 10/20 New items (10/20/2016)
Alfort Chocolate Cookies Premium Cacao (Bourbon Brand) ; 70% cacao (including 25% Venezuela cacao) and digestive cookies. Great flavor of cocoa.
Yawa-Fuwa (literally means "soft and fluffy") Pocky midi, Chocola and Matcha flavor (Glico brand); Always fun to try new stuff of Pocky family. Enjoy rich flavor!

10562 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Located in MOESER SQUARE Shopping mall at the corner of
Moeser Lane and San Pablo Avenue.
Contact: | Voice (510)528-5210

Hours: Open 7 Days: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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